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If You Could Wave Your Magic Wand…

One of the few pieces of media that gives me comfort about dealing with my eating is The Psychology of Eating Podcast by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. As of today, Marc David has 215 sessions with clients recorded and posted on YouTube.
Each session includes David asking questions of a client he is meeting for the first time through a video chat. Listening to others go deep into the emotions and experiences they’ve had that inform their eating habits has been useful to me.  I can often relate to something each person says.
I’ve decided I’d like to imagine I am on the podcast and answer the types of questions Marc David poses here.
Today I’m listening to episode 215 to uncover some questions and I’ve heard David ask similar questions to the first one he asks Kayla, his client for the day. I’m paraphrasing his question here: If you could wave your magic wand and get whatever you want out of today’s session, what would that look like for you?
If I were on the podcast today, my desire would be to get some advice from David about where I should start.  I’ve been struggling with eating and body image for many years now, and I believe that The Institute for the Psychology of Eating’s philosophy meshes with mine. Mark David and Emily Rosenberg promote practices that are loving, truthful, and meet you where you are.
I have struggled with restricting my eating in so many different ways over the years and with that my energy goes down, and I gain weight instead of letting go of it.  In short, my way hasn’t worked. But I also know that making a big change really scares me, so I could use Marc David’s help in identifying something small I could do, even if it is just changing a thought pattern to help move me forward to becoming healthier and happier.
Question 1 down: Woot!  I’m sure many more are to come.
Peace In and Out!



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