Week 4 Summer 2017

I finally started a larger project this week.  I have been pulling up carpet to expose the hardwood floors.
Here’s a picture of the hallway after I pulled up the carpet. My smart phone camera made the wood look shinier than it really is.  It’s a bit more dull right now, though after I have it sanded and sealed, I believe it’ll look like the picture.
hallway hardwood
I also called some contractors and will receive estimates for the sanding and sealing of the floors, and an estimate for new roof next week.
Besides that I’ve paid some bills, cleaned the top of my desk, and recycled a bunch of old bills. I’ve done some training with the dogs as well.
Oh I got my bike fixed too!
This upcoming weekend, I get to hang out with my parents and brother for Father’s day.
Next week, I need to get all the carpeting pulled up, oh and we’ll have the kids for the next 2 weeks. That’ll be fun. It usually is. And the older the kids get, the more low-key our time is with them, so I’ll be able to spend time with them and work on the house. Good times.
How’s your summer so far? Do you have any projects going? Do they bring you peace? Let me know in the comments below.



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