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Week 5, Summer 2017

Week 5 has been about pulling carpet, and staples, lots and lots of staples that used to hold the carpet padding to the floor.  Last week, I started with the hallway. This week, I tore the carpet up from the front room.
The good news is that the floor is in really great shape overall. The “bad” news is that I have a patch of linoleum near the front door and it’s hard to pull up. The linoleum itself is coming up; it’s the glued backing that I’m having to scrape away that is the challenge.  I’ll get it up though.
front door linoleum
I also secured someone to sand and seal my floors.  He’s charging a little over $1700 for the front room, bedroom, and hallway. I’m willing to pay that, so we have a deal. The contractor is supposed to start in the second week of July, so I’m very excited for that.

This week we’ve also had my step-son at the house. We get him for 2 weeks this summer, so I’ve been hanging out with him a bit this week. We’ve been playing Mario Kart 8.
I also cut my hair really really short.  My hair went from going past my shoulders to 1/2 inch. I know it’s 1/2 inch long because that’s what clipper guard I used. It’s been lovely. I feel lighter and freer, and that’s awesome.

What does next week have in store?
I need to schedule a trip to visit my brother, finish scraping linoleum, hang out with my step-son some more, and start another project. What shall it be . . . scraping off wallpaper, cleaning the craft room, paying bills and figuring out more info on what I need to save for retirement?  Only time will tell.

Finally, I had a welcomed surprise this week. My first rose of Sharon flower for the summer.
This picture shows it hiding behind a leaf but bursting with life nonetheless.
first rose of sharon 2017
Peace Out (and in!)



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