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A Messy Week 6, Summer 2017

Last week I found someone to sand and seal my hardwood floors. I decided that since I need to move the front room and bedroom furniture off the floors, I’ll clean out some stuff as I go.
If you’re anything like me, cleaning creates a mess to start with, and that’s where I’m at. The house has bins all over, half filled with clothing (from the bedroom dresser) and pictures, cards, nick knacks, a remote controlled helicopter, and winter hats, scarves, and cowls (from front room storage).
I’m also still scraping linoleum adhesive off of my hardwood floors. The little black bits of paper were all over the house until I started vacuuming each time I did any scraping.
scraping adhesive

Besides that, I’ve had an emotionally “messy” time figuring out whether to take a trip to Colorado this year to visit my brother. I had a difficult time deciding whether or not to go because I was deciding last minute, the times I’m free and my brother is free were different, and there’s some family conflict that has been hard to handle. I finally decided, though, and bought a plane ticket.  Yay!

One non-messy thing . . . I went hiking with my dogs today. It was gorgeous. Usually I hike in woodsy areas; this location, though, has some lovely prairie.  It’s such a different type of scenery than woods.  I love it.

Plus it smelled nice. I have no idea what plant or flower I was smelling, but it was so fresh.

Next week is the first week of July already.  I hope to continue with cleaning the house, moving furniture, and maybe start crafting.  I’ve put that off for a while.
Peace out (and in),



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