Hey! I am a person seeking peace, both inside my heart and out in the world.

I am a sensitive person with a history filled with pain, fear, depression and anxiety, but also hope.  I have experienced healing through therapy, friendships, Al-Anon family groups, attending college, and through reading and writing.

I’m also an idealist, both in Myers-Brigg-temperament type and in definition. I consistently “see” how individuals and groups can grow and become more peaceful and caring of one another.

My struggle is that while I see what we, as humans, can be, I also see everything we’re not and how we fall short, which can be painful.

I’ve learned that I remain the most successful dealing with the disappointment and cultivating happiness when I’m reflecting on my life and striving to take action to create that better world.

Can you relate?  If so, check out some posts!

Peace Out (and In),


This site chronicles my journey from feeling trapped by my circumstances to developing a goal of achieving financial freedom. The road to financial freedom, for me, is likely to be a long one—about 12 years from when I first formatted my plan—so I want to live the best life I can while on that journey.

My best life includes changing what I can at work to make it much more than bearable. It includes creative endeavors such as knitting and designing knitting patterns, and working on this blog. It includes getting out in nature with my dogs.

In short, I’ll share what brings me peace in the hopes that some of those strategies allow you to find it too