May 2018 Budget

Emergency Fund: 200

Mortgage (includes taxes and insurance): 900

Utilities: 320

Food (groceries and eating out): 665

Transportation (Gas) : 100

Medical/Health (gym, co-pays, medical bills): 843.70

Car Insurance: 84

Misc. (dog food, graduation present, haircut): 273

Entertainment and Recreation (currently only Netflix): 18.98*

*Some of the estimated and actual numbers are exactly the same to the cent because I scheduled some bill payments before doing the budget.

Estimated: Income (what Mr. POAI and I put into our shared account)$3264 – Estimated spending $3404.68  =  – 140.68

This is the first month I’ve shared that we expect to go over budget. This month our medical bills are a bit high and our Misc. category is a bit high due to some purchases we plan to make for our daughter’s graduation party.

This budget includes neither what we put into retirement nor what is in our separate accounts. It just shows our monthly shared bills.




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