March 2018 Monthly Cash Flow Plan / Budget

Mr. POAI and I have used Dave Ramsey’s Monthly Cash Flow Plan from his Financial Peace University course for budgeting for just over a year now. We put $3264 into our shared family account each month as the max for us to spend for our budget. Bolded below are the categories of the Monthly Cash Flow Plan we use.

Here are our estimated expenses for March:

Saving: 200

Housing: 900

Utilities: 338.64

Food: 665

Transportation: 80

Medical/Health: 696.31

Insurance: 84

Personal: 35

Recreation: 18.98

Misc: 220

Income $3264 – Estimated spending $3172.93  = $91.07 (Ramsey suggests creating a 0 based budget, but we are comfortable with being up or down by less than $100.)

As of today, we have spent $2819.18 for the month, so we have $444.82 left. We have a few more expenses for the month, so I will know what the final totals are next week!

I’d like to spend less in some areas, but simply budgeting for those expenses brings me some peace. We have to know where we are to figure out where we’re headed.

Peace Out Y’all!


Do you practice 0 based budgeting (where all the money you have coming in is designated towards something)? Do you like a really specific budget or do you like some wiggle room? Let’s talk in the comments!





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