How Well Did We Do on April 2018 Budget?

Onto April 2018 spending!

Estimates are in this blueish color; actual numbers if equal to the estimate are in green, if we went over they are are red,  and if we spent under they are black.

Emergency Fund: 200; Actual 200

Mortgage (includes taxes and insurance); 900, Actual 900

Utilities: 310.37; Actual 337.29

Food (groceries and eating out): 665; Actual 724.71

Transportation (Gas) : 100; Actual 125.19

Medical/Health (gym, co-pays, medical bills): 719; Actual 503.03

Car Insurance: 84; Actual 84

Misc. (dog food, graduation present, haircut): 192; Actual 110.93

Entertainment and Recreation (currently only Netflix): 18.98*; Actual 18.98

*Some of the estimated and actual numbers are exactly the same to the cent because I scheduled some bill payments before doing the budget.

Estimated: Income $3264 – Estimated spending $3189.35 = amount left $174.65

Actual: Income $3264 – spending $3004.13  = amount left $259.87!

We spent more than anticipated on: Utilities, Food, and Gas/Car.

  • We used to get a bill from our town for water and garbage collection once every 2 months, and they changed it to once a month. I wasn’t expecting that quite yet, so that’s why the Utilities were higher.
  • In terms of food, we spent a lot over what we had planned. I am guessing there are a few reasons. I’ve been shopping at the local co-op grocery store, which is a bit more expensive. I was hoping with the good quality of food, though, that we’d eat less. I’m not sure what else might have happened to increase that spending. I’ll have to pay better attention in May.
  • I think we spent a bit more on gas because I traveled to my parents’ house, which is a few hours away, and I also included the cost of getting one of my tires fixed.

We spent less than anticipated on Medical Bills and Misc.

  • We still haven’t gotten a bill for Mr. POAI’s dentist appointment. I’m guessing it’s in the mail now that it’s may. I also overestimated how many times Mr. POAI would go to the accupuncturist, so there’s $70 there.
  • In terms of the MISC, I spent less on my step-daughter’s graduation party supplies than I thought. It’s likely I’ll spend that remaining money this month, as she graduates a few weeks from now.

I’m glad that we came in under budget. I’m still a little shy about celebrating too much since we spent all of what remained in our emergency account for our taxes, and since we’ve been spending so much on food. Hopefully some continued success at spending within our budget for another month will help me gain confidence again.


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