Whose Story is it Anyway? // On Determining What is Mine and What is His

Last week, I made it pretty clear that the massive student loan debt I write about is Mr. POAI’s. He incurred it, it financed his degrees, and it supported him and his small children at a certain time in his life.
If it’s his debt, then, isn’t it his story as well? Once in a while I feel a little awkward knowing that a huge topic in this blog is about his story. Am I “benefiting” from his debt by writing about it and possibly being read?
If I am able to connect to you, as my audience, while writing about Mr. POAI’s debt, then I am benefiting. It’s important to me, though, to note that he knows I’m writing about it and what I think about it. He has given me the “OK.”

Also, what I write about his debt is my experience with it. It’s about how I relate to it, how I understand it, and how I dream of finding a way of paying it off while remaining true to ourselves and taking care of our family.
My goal is to share a spouse’s perspective in hopes that it will benefit us and others dealing with similar situations.
If Mr. POAI wants to share his views, I’ll make it clear that it’s him.
What do you think? Does it seem to you like I am capitalizing on someone else’s story? Do you ever worry about writing about someone else’s story? How do you deal with your spouse’s debt? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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