Mortgage Principle Payment Goal 2018

I would like to pay more principle this year than we did last year, even if just by $1. I am very happy with what I did in 2017. I mainly want to keep it going.
Last year we paid  7,209.45, so our goal is 7,210.45.
As of Jan 1, 2018, our mortgage was 68,645.55.
Our current principle is 67,287.34 so we’ve paid 1358.21 in principle in the first 2 months of 2018. Wow!
In the next 10 months, then, we’ll need to pay 5852.24 to meet our goal. That is 585.23 per month. Our current minimum principle payment per month is at 340.
We are currently working on paying an extra 250 per month. If we continue with that, we’ll be paying about $590 a month which is exactly on track to reach our goal. Nice!



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