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My hubby and I are spending more than we’re earning.  Not good, or at least not sustainable.  So I thought I’d see what Quicken says about where the money is going.
I looked at what we’ve spent January through September of this year, and figured out this is what we are spending each month:

 Home (mortgage, repair, decorating)  905
 Food (groceries and eating out)   759
 Bills (water, electricity, natural gas, phones, etc.)  414
 Health (appointments, therapy, gym membership)  377
 Cars (repairs and gas)  234
 Pets (food, vet, training)  186
 Entertainment (going to movies, Netflix)  91
 Travel (vacation)  81
 Personal Care (haircuts, clothes, shoes)  65
 Taxes (what we owed for federal income tax;divided by 9 months)  51
 Shopping (miscellaneous)  48
 School Loan (paid my significant other’s bill by mistake)  34
 Other  36

Both DH and I want to feel free to spend what we want.  We don’t consider ourselves big spenders overall, so our next step is to figure out what we want to curb, so we can feel good about our spending.
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