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December 2016 Spending

Alright, let’s see how my life partner and I did this month.  We deposit parts of our paychecks into a shared account.  Since I received an extra paycheck this month (I’m paid every other week, so for 2 months of the year, I receive 3 paychecks), our deposit amount is at 4,195.
Then, even including our 4 day trip and Christmas presents, we spent 816 less than what we deposited. Wow!
Part of the reason we didn’t take so much from this shared account for Christmas is that we used our money from personal accounts to make quite a few of the purchases this year.  We used the shared account for the kids’ and our parents’ presents, but beyond that, we each used our personal accounts.
I am very happy to be up this month, and am going to have to see how the year went.  Stay tuned!
How was your spending this month?  Did Christmas and/or other holidays make any unexpected dents in your accounts this December?




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