Deposits vs. Spending 2016

I’m excited to have updated our Deposits vs. Spending chart I created in September when I discovered that I love making money charts.  It turns out I love updating them as well.
Take a look:
In short, we deposited more than we spent for 6 months and spent more than we deposited for 6 months.  Unfortunately it looks like when we spent more it was significantly more and when we deposited more, it was just a little more—the grey boxes represent this trend.
Let’s add it up to be sure though. We deposited 36,810 and spent 40,319, which means we are in the red 3509.
Although this isn’t great news, it’s not too much of a surprise since I solved our money mysteries earlier this year.  I also feel really good about keeping close track of our spending this year so that we can make informed decisions.
We have 3 options as we move into the new year.

  • We can cut back on our spending each month
  • We can deposit more either each month or
  • We can deposit more during the months we have the larger charges so we can cover them.

We’ll let you know what we decide!
Peace out!



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