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November 2016 Spending

Spoiler Alert: We deposited more than we spent.  Yay!
We deposited 2,844 into our shared account.
Here’s a circle chart showing what we spent.
I wish all we had spent was the 1669 shown above, but we reimbursed this account 1000 which changes how my Quicken figured the total amount.  We actually spent 2,669, which is still less than what we deposited by 175. I’ll take it!

Our celebration may be short lived, though.
In December, we have to purchase Christmas presents and we have a short trip planned, so I don’t anticipate that we’ll keep our spending so low.  However, I get an extra paycheck in December–it’s not a bonus, it’s just how the paydays fall this year–so that’s an extra 882 towards this shared account.  It may be smart to try to keep our spending less than 882.
Check back in early January, and we’ll share how it went!
Peace out (and in),



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