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Spending vs. Income . . .

And unfortunately spending is winning.
I just updated my Quicken account and determined that my husband and I are spending $3600 a month and contributing about $3000 per month to our shared account. In short, we’re spending about $600 more than we’re contributing–something we’ll need to change.
Before we got married, my husband and I decided we’d keep our own individual accounts, and we’d create a shared account.  In terms of money, then, we have his, mine, and ours.  (This was really important to me since I had been independent for so long; it was a sense of security.)
When we got married, about 6 years ago, we made a budget. We determined how much we were spending each month and how much each of us would put into our shared pot.  We’ve more or less stuck to our budget, and apparently this year, we’ve stuck to it “less.”
Our next step will be to examine our budget to see if we can cut anything.  After that, we may see if we need to contribute more.
Ultimately, we want to be happy with what we’re spending and earning. Here’s to our first step.
Have you ever found yourself spending more than you’re making on a consistent basis?  What did you do?  How do you feel about this change?
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