Just a Mortgage Update

One of my goals is to post a quick money/numbers update on Tuesdays and a more in-depth, somewhat philosophical post about money on Thursdays.
Here it is Tuesday, already, and I can share that our mortgage is down to 67,037.34. Woot! The last number I posted here was 67,287.34 just last month, so no big change, BUT we’re getting closer! Plus, I just made a payment that hasn’t cleared yet, so in a few days, I’ll be able to see the mortgage decrease a bit more.
My next big mortgage-payment celebration will be when our house is 1/2 paid off.  I purchased the house for 133,000, and half of that is 66,500, so there’s only about 500 more principle to go!
Wow, lots of exclamation points in this post. I get pretty excited about progress. patch of lilly pads and flowers
Peace Out (and In),




  • Well done!! Do you have a tentative payoff date?

  • peaceoutandin17

    Thanks for the question! I refinanced in 2012 with a 20 year loan so I have until 2032, which is 14 years from now. I definitely want to be done by 2028 because I’m hoping to retire kind of early by December of that year.

    • peaceoutandin17

      I’m kind of hoping, though, that I can be rid of the mortgage in 7 years or so.

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