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It’s kind of funny that the Latin meaning of mortgage is death pledge.  A mortgage often feels like it’ll be the death of home owners everywhere.

I actually kind of like paying off my mortgage.  It feels like accomplishment, which is one reason I have a goal to pay it off early, though some people advise against it.

Here’s what I currently owe:

I’m 4 months ahead of schedule on a 20 year loan. Woohoo!  So I should be finished paying my mortgage on 8/1/2032.  Let’s see how far ahead I can get in the coming months!

Peace out (and in),





  • peaceoutandin17

    Just wanted to add a quick update. It is a little under a year since I posted and I currently owe 72,836, and am about 10 months ahead of schedule–yay!
    My July payment hasn’t been processed yet this month, so the number should go down a bit. Also, I’ve chosen to slow down on paying extra. I have a few trips I’ve had to save up for, so the last extra $250 payment I made was in April. So May, June, and July have been just normal payments so far.
    I soooooooooooooooooooo want to make those extra payments. I hope to get back to it in August once I’m reimbursed for one of my trips. If I can swing the $750 “backpay,” I’d love to do that. If not, I can start the $250 extra payments per month at that time.
    Paying more brings me peace of mind!

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