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Retirement Funds Update

This week, I received my quarterly statement for my 2 retirement accounts.

What I call my “Old TIAA Cref Account,” my original retirement account through my employer that no more money is going into, is at $17,962.27.

What I call my “New 403B Plan,” which my employer adopted and in which I still deposit funds bi-weekly is at $43,601.88.

Though I did not receive a recent update for my State University Retirement System (SURS), the last I looked, I had $93,000 in that account–w00hoo!

The grand total, $154,564.15, sounds great to me. My financial planner confirms that I’m “on the right track.” I have no idea, though, whether this is a good amount of money to have put aside at my age or not.

I’ll have to keep the number in mind as I continue to learn about retirement. I can say that if I were trying to save a million dollars–(which is 6.5 times my grand total)–what I’ve heard one needs to be able to us the 4% rule (living on 4% of your retirement funding each year), I have a ways to go!
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