How Free

How Free?

I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous talk a few years ago and the speaker kept asking a question.
He’d be telling his story about a struggle he had or a step he didn’t want to do and he’d ask himself, “How free do you want to be?”
I believe he was saying that if he wanted to be free from his addiction, he needed to do the work, to take the risk, or to face the fear.
And he had done it.  He did the work, took the risks, faced his fears and he gained the reward: he felt free.
Though I don’t struggle with an addiction, there are many times I put off the work, choose the safe, easy route, and shy away from the fear. Whenever I find I’m holding back in this way, I ask myself, “How free? Just how free do you want to be?”
And the answer is always totally free!
In order to feel peace, I need to take action on what my heart is telling me to do.
Peace Out (and in),




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