Can I afford an Extra Mortgage Payment?

I thought I had scheduled my mortgage payment for this month, but I double checked the “scheduled transfers” area of my online bank account to make sure. I didn’t see it, so I scheduled it again. 

And I was right. I had scheduled my mortgage payment, and then I scheduled it again. So I paid it twice. Oops.

After I dealt with my overdrawn checking account, I thought, “Now I’m paying an extra $900 on my mortgage principal. That’s not a bad thing.”

So here we are. The principal was at $62,991.83. I had made an extra payment for 200, paid my regular mortgage of $900 where 
363.97 went to the principal. Then the extra payment of 900 also went to the principal.

The current principal balance, then is 61,527.86. 

Though it was through an error, making this extra payment gets me closer to my goal of getting the principal down to 60,000 by the new year. 

Quick Mortgage Update

With 1527.86 left to pay off, I will still need to pay around 150 extra per month. I think it’ll be worth it though to see the principal down to 60K. 





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