Second Quarter 2018 Review

Welcome to my Second Quarter Net Worth update of 2018! I created a nifty chart below; I need to explain a few points beforehand though.

The “Net Worth” row is the total of all the other categories (from Mortgage to Cash listed below). The cars, student loan debt and Mr. POAI’s business accounts are not included in the net worth total. However, our house, which is valued at 140,000 is included in the Net Worth. I include the house in the Net Worth because the numbers are significantly larger with it, and I can use that encouragement.

 Category March 31 June 30 Percent + or –
for second quarter
Net Worth 288,164 293,742 1.94%
Mortgage 66,135 64,215 -2.9%
Pension Purchase 115,260 118,211 2.56%
403B 68,298 71,336 4.45%
TIAA 21,296 21,528 1.09%
Cash 9,445 9,919 5.02%

My assessment of the quarter…overall, I am happy with the mortgage going down 2.9%. Last quarter it went down 3.66%. I was getting some reimbursements from work during the first quarter of the year, and I was putting that cash towards the principal so it’s likely that’s why the percentage was up a bit at that point. This quarter, though, I’m still putting an extra $250 if not more towards the principal, with the goal of getting down to 60K by December 31, and I’m happy with that.

I’m also happy with the net worth going up. The first quarter it went up 2.51% and this quarter it went up 1.94%. I still don’t know if that’s a good amount or not. I’m going to have to keep paying attention to this and maybe checking out what percentages others look for.

The 403B went up by the largest percentage (minus the cash, which to me is meant to increase and decrease radically depending on what’s going on in our lives) from 1.94% increase in the first quarter to a 4.45% increase this quarter. I’m not sure what to expect in the future, but the larger the increase the better.  

It took me so long to update this quarter that at the end of this month, I’ll be able to figure third quarter. Time sure is flying.





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