The Cost of My Cents Positive Retreat

Outside of Residence Inn Denver Friday morning

I had an amazing time at the Cents Positive Retreat. I really needed some time away, and it was great being around so many people with similar financial goals. 

I thought some people may be interested to know what the overall cost could be. Here are the financial costs of my trip:

Flight: 417 (I flew from my small town to a hub and then change planes to Denver. This adds about 100 round trip but parking is free and I don’t have to drive 2 hours to the nearest larger airport.)

Food: 50 (Thursday lunch and dinner, Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch and dinner, and Monday lunch)

Retreat Registration: 200

Blogger add-on Registration: 75

Hotel: 537 (I arrived on Thursday so I could be on time for the blogger add-on. Then I stayed an extra night so I could fly out in the morning instead of catching a red-eye.) (I also had the hotel room to myself, which was heaven for this introvert who needed to recharge after being with people all day.)

Tips: 5 (I tipped the shuttle bus driver.)

Grand Total: 1284

Peace Out (and In),





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