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What I want to get out of the Cents Positive Retreat

While I was double checking my flight to the first ever Cents Positive Retreat in Denver, Delta informed me that it is just 18 days away. (I’m flying in on Thursday for the Blogger Add-on). The retreat is finally close enough to get really excited about it.

In preparation for the retreat, I wanted to brainstorm what I want to get out of it and what I believe I can contribute. 

  • First, I am excited to meet Tanja. I’ve followed her since about 6 months into Our Next Life and hers is the first blog that took a personal approach to finance. I also find her and her work of supporting women inspiring. Simply meeting her will be an honor. 
  • Next, I would like to meet people who have some of the same goals I do. I don’t know anyone personally who is interested in FIRE. 
  • I would like to meet people who are open to developing a continuing friendship. I’m open to meeting in person if those people are close to me proximity wise. I’m also open to talking online or in a conference call.  
  • I’d like to get some inspiration and renew my energy for my blog (at the Blogger Add-on).

After thinking about what I want to take from Cents Positive, I started thinking about what I can contribute to it. 

  • I can offer a listening ear, insightful questions and am very open to sharing my experiences. I consider myself to be self-reflective, and thoughtful.
  • I can point novices to various FI blogs or podcasts. I have read a lot of blog posts over the years and have a knowledge of the range of ideas out there. I’ve got a few “pet” podcasts, so I could point others there as well.

  • I’m passionate about helping people figure out what they want to do career-wise. It is not my profession, so I can only offer a laywoman’s perspective, but I’m open to listening and I love looking at possibilities

What about you? If you are attending Cents Positive, what do you hope to gain from the experience? What do you hope to give? If you are not attending, what info would you like me to report on afterward? 




  • Jaye, thanks for sharing your thoughts before Cents Positive! It is great to meet people with similar FIRE goals, so I’m sure this will be one of the best aspects for your attendance. Before I went to a Chautauqua in 2016, I also didn’t know other FIRE-interested people ‘in real life’. I now still keep in touch with those I met and value their friendships on the journey.

    I liked that you mentioned your potential contributions too. That is what makes this community so wonderful too; everyone is willing to share perspectives and resources freely.

    I won’t be attending the main Cents Positive event but I’ll be in Denver at the time and hope to meet some attendees, especially after having been at FinCon and had a healthy dose of finance conversations there too. FIRE people are some of the best people!

    • Jaye

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for the reply! I have heard about the Chautauquas before. I think it’d be interesting to attend one.

      Thank you for sharing how you met and keep in touch with people you met at FinCon. Very cool!

      I think that there is going to be a meetup, or multiple meetups before and after Cents Positive. If you would like me to do a tad more research and find out more about them, let me know. It’d be great to meet you!


  • Jaye

    Hi Michelle,

    Were you able to make it to the meetup? I hope so. I was peopled-out by that time of day so I stayed at the hotel and relaxed. If you went, I hope you had a great time!


  • Was so good to meet you in person! As we talked, please do send me blog stuff as you think about what you want to do moving forward:)

    • Jaye

      Thank you so much, Angela. It was great to meet you too. What I “heard” you say when we were talking at the retreat was something I’d tell my students: “keep writing.” I have had this blog for a while but I’m still under 100 posts. If I keep writing, I’ll likely figure out what I want to write. I will take you up on the blog stuff at some point though! I hope you had a fun homecoming with your family.

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