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Living in the Moment: Week 7 Summer 2017

Summer is starting to feel “normal” to me.  I barely remembered it was week 7, which to me, means I’m doing more living in the moment. Nice!
This past weekend and Monday involved lots of Cookie Jam, a little more than I’d like, because it means I’ve been tired and not really feeling like doing anything. The result though is that I’m on level 709. And I see they’ve added more levels–yay Cookie Jam forever!
I also went to a baseball game with my step-kids, their mom, my husband and my best friend.  The seating was: step-son, kids’ mom, step-daughter, husband, me, my best friend. Every once in a while it is weird that my husband’s ex is on one side of him (even if a kid is in-between the two) and me on the other side. I’m not sure what kind of “weird” it is, but it seems kind of strange. All three of us parents are there to be with the kids, though, and we get along pretty darn well.
In terms of the house, I’ve been moving more and more stuff off my hardwood floors since my sander guy is going to be here Monday–woot! I think it’ll feel good to finally have this project started.
I also put a desk I have for sale online. I have never sold anything used online, but it’s a great desk at a good price, so we’ll have to see.
There you have it, folks. My week so far. Now I’m heading outside to mow.  Then I can take a shower or crash and play Cookie Jam for a while.  🙂
Peace Out (and In)!




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