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Personal Finance-Related Blogs I Love:
Our Next Life ~ Tanja writes about all kinds of money issues and how they connect with real life. If you want a personal, fun, and thought-provoking blog about money, early retirement, work, values, and sometimes pressed juice, check it out.

Cait Flanders ~ Cait’s blog is the next one I plan to binge read (At the moment, I’m working through Our Next Life). I currently listen to her podcast with Carrie Smith Nickholson from Careful Cents. Cait writes about her ups and downs in living a simple life while Carrie talks a bit more about the business end.

Jena from All Around Better Me inspired me to start my bullet journal. She writes about money, goals, bullet journaling and creating healthy habits.

J. Money who writes Budgets are Sexy (and whose first name “J” is the same as mine) is stinkin’ hilarious. His mind is super-creative, IMHO. I mostly read his fun quips on Twitter but am creating this Blog Roll because he said to.

Personal Finance-Related Podcasts I Love:
Tanja from Our Next Life and Kara from Bravely Go make up the hosts of  The Fairer Cents. The two introduce a variety of guest speakers and share their own two cents too.

Cait and Carrie’s Honest Money Conversations Podcast has an honest, fun, but serious vibe. They talk about anything from depression and anxiety, to travel, to relationships (friend and partner), to family, oh and money. Each episode starts with a theme, often continues with some definitions and then goes into each pod-caster’s experiences with said issues.

Blog Related Podcast I Love:
Do You Even Blog? Pete from Do You Even Blog? is the person who suggested I move my blog from to self-hosted. It was so difficult, I’m not sure I’m ready to thank him yet. 🙂

Happy Reading and Listening!

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