Time for a New Fence Part II

This post is part of a series. To get the full story, check out Time for a New Fence before reading this piece.

Fence building is a lot of work. Building a fence while ensuring 2 dogs remain in the yard is even more work. 

My handyman has dogs of his own and had an ingenious dog-containment strategy. More about that in a bit. 

The first step to building a new fence is taking the old one down . . .

. . . including the delapidated posts.

Now that the fence was down, we had to figure out how to contain the dogs so they do not go on vacation without permission from their humans.

For a day or two, I took the dogs out on their leashes, but my handyman made things easier on me. He used my old fence as a temporary fence! Genius!

I still stayed in the yard to ensure the dogs didn’t just hop this shorter fence, but at least I could do yardwork and check on the dogs every minute or so instead of not letting my eyes off them.

The work took a few weeks, and during that time, as can happen in early spring in Illinois, it snowed.

After the temporary fence was up and the snow melted, things moved quickly. My handyman put in the posts . . .

. . . and started to build.

Dude cleaned up my yard, and it was done!

Ok, in the pic above, he still had some things to clean up, but the fence looks great.

It’s pretty amazing that this pile of wood . . .

. . . could become such a lovely, sturdy structure that, as a shadow fence, looks nice on my side and the neighbor’s side.

In terms of cost, the materials were about 2K, and labor, which included a new raised garden I will share with you soon, was about 1300. So the total was 3300. I don’t know if this is a good deal or kind of expensive for a fence.

Working with my handyman, though, was great. I was happy to give him the work, and I’m happy with his work. 

Peace Out (and In),







  • Anne

    Looks great!

    • Julie

      Thanks, Anne!

    • Lisa

      Nice! Excited to see it in person!

      • Julie

        Definitely! We can see what the weather is like Mon afternoon if you like!

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