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Less than A Year to Optional Retirement!

It’s been a busy end of the semester, but I knew my Countdown to Optional Retirement ticker was going to turn from over a year to under a year, so I took some snips.

Here is a snip of the ticker on May 18th:

I was visiting my parents when the ticker actually went from 1 year, 0 months etc. to 11 months, 4 weeks, etc. 

Here’s the ticker I was able to capture today, though: May 21!

This year a few friends have said things like “retirement will be here before you know it,” and “time is going by so fast.” I have typically said something like, “Yeah, time is going fast for you.” When waiting for something, time can go so slowly. When the time has passed, though, it can feel like it went quickly. 

The very first blog post (from 7/2/16) on this site is about whether or not using the countdown ticker was going to be more harmful than helpful. I think the way I have been using it has been more helpful overall. When I get frustrated at work, I can look at the ticker and get excited about possibly retiring.

In my day to day, though, I have been able to focus on the task at hand or the present pretty well. 

Now that summer is here and the frustration of feeling overwhelmed from work is at bay, I want time to go nice and slowly. 

Peace Out (And In),


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Here are some garden volunteers. I think the first one is lettuce. I have no idea what the second and third photos are of–weeds?



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