Time for a Knitting Break!

I think of so many things to write about each week, and then the day is over and the next day, I think of more things to write. Unfortunately, very few of these thoughts have made it down on paper. Something that is tangible, though, is my knitting. 

I wanted to work through some of my acrylic yarn. I had some pretty full skeins of colors I thought went well together, so I started with this shawl. 

I liked the colors so much, I used them again, and added a few for my pup’s new sweater. The first sweater I knit her slides down her shoulders a bit, so I added a mock turtle neck.

 The sweater turned out so cute that I kept going with the stripes. Here’s a mock English rib beanie, the first hat in the series

The hat turned out super-cute, but a bit long, so I started knitting just 4 stripes per hat. I started with 1-2 colors I liked and then just moved balls of yarn around to figure out what stripe I wanted to knit next.

I found a bunch of rusty red, some orange and some green, orange, red variegated yarn and knit 2 more hats.

The variegated colors pooled in unique ways–kind of like splotches of paint, but they turned out ok.

Out of all the colors, I have a little bit of most of them left, except for the variegated. Onto another hat!

Peace Out (and In),





  • Deb

    Love the color combinations.

    • Julie

      Thanks, Deb! Me too!

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