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I’ve Gotta Write

I totally feel like making a new year’s resolution. I want to resolve to write a blog post once a week for the whole year.


Writing is so good for me. I almost always feel freer after writing about what is going on in my life. Lots of times writing helps me sort through decisions too. On this blog, writing has helped me think through some financial issues in ways I probably wouldn’t have if I weren’t going to share my thoughts.


However, resolutions are notorious for being broken within the month. I will make it a goal, though, or maybe an intention to write every week, whether that be in my journal or for this blog. Or maybe I can be even more present and be happy that I am just writing now. That may be the healthiest perspective for me at this moment.


There were so many times during the last month of school during the fall semester when I wanted to write. I had lots of ideas about things to share with you all. I didn’t take the time or muster the energy to do it though.


Superman Sleepies

What I can say about the end of the semester now, after 2 weeks of being off, is that it was hard. I’m always so hopeful in the beginning of the semester. As the semester wore on, I let myself get dragged down by students’ issues. Some students had missed more than the allotted number of days to be able to pass the class and begged to be given a chance to pass. Others just didn’t show up for a few weeks and came back at the end. They all had their reasons. It just got me down though.


In late November, I made it a goal to focus on something positive a student did whether it be a strong piece of writing or something they said in class. That helped me get through a few of those weeks.


I was glad to be done with the semester. I always am. And now I’ve had 2 weeks to recuperate. I’ve done a lot of sleeping, some cleaning, some knitting, and now, at the very end of those two weeks, a bit of writing.


Is it a seal or a doggie?

I really think writing weekly could help me move through the upcoming semester. We’ll see how things go. For now, I am off to a good start.


Peace Out (and In),







  • Anne

    Hi Julie,
    Happy New Year! I also need to write for my own well being. I appreciate this affirmation of how I feel and wish you the best in your New Year’s endeavor. I am struck by all of the creative energy you devote to the time in your life, like knitting and taking photos, and managing a blog. Very great!
    I felt a ‘downness’ as I read about the student behavior and remembered my frustration with those same situations. It isn’t going to change I guess, an aspect of being young for some-lessons they need to learn maybe. I just wish they didn’t make me responsible for it-ha! What I miss is the issues or topics the students choose to write about. It fascinated me to get a glimpse of their world, and I learned from them. Thanks Julie and keep writing-I learn from you!

    • Julie

      Thanks Anne!

      I like how you put that you need to write for your own well being. I want to keep that sentence in mind because somehow things that don’t necessarily support my well being become priority.

      It sounds like my “downness” of my tone of voice came through. That is how I felt writing.

      Yes, I love to learn about the issues and topics students write about. It is so fun to get a glimpse into their lives through their writing. It will be useful to remember this too!

      I think that my frustration and worry about student absences come from a deeper place. I think part of it is my worry that my class isn’t valuable enough. Part of it is worry about the student him/herself. I wonder if part of it is a game–can I get them to engage . . . Whooee. It’s enough material for a whole post. 🙂

      I hope all is well with you!!

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