How Free

Somebody is Going to do it

I’m a worrier, but I never thought about how that might make me a predictor, or maybe it doesn’t, but I have a prediction today.

Somebody is going to like this new life, one of staying home with children, not having a commute, not being micro-managed, and being able to make lunch at home everyday during this time of stay home orders because of Covid-19, and they are going to quit their job.

They are going to quit their job even though everyone says they’re lucky to have a job–and they are. Many people are losing theirs. 

They’re not going to care though. They are going to have found some freedom, or recognized that since the world can change over a few months, theirs can too. They’re going to believe that if air quality can improve in California, something can change in their life too.

Maybe more than 1 person will quit their job. Someone might quit today, and someone else may just have a spark of insight, that light that gets in the crack of the broken vase, and start on a road to change. (Someone has definitely mixed metaphors.)

I already have my plan. I have 8 more years at work in order to gain my pension. I move very slowly. I already have a lot of the freedoms I want, though not all. I won’t leave my job because I believe I have more to give and learn at my work. I have my beliefs and values figured out, but in practice I’m a newbie. I have so much more practice to do to be able to be vulnerable in front of people, confidently lead a group of resistant students. I have many bosses to piss off and other leaders to challenge. I can talk a big game, and I need more time to put it into practice.

So it’s not going to be me, I don’t think. 

Will it be you?


Peace Out (and In),





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