What does being super-healthy, happy Jaye look like?

  • She’s hot! I like my body shape when I’m fit.  I like my height. I like how my weight is distributed, when I’m fit.
  • She has enough energy to do it all—from working to cleaning the house, walking the dogs, writing and crafting.
  • Even though she has energy to do it all, she still asks for help. I don’t think my higher power wants me to do it all.  One of my life lessons has been to ask for help and I think I’ll still do that.
  • She has fewer worries about her health.
  • She’s still me. I think that I get sucked into the idea that if I get fit and lose weight, I will become “a brand new me,” and that’s not what I want. Super-healthy, happy J “looks” a lot like me.  She has the same struggles and triumphs. She has a lot to learn, but has lots of life experiences that give her a maturity that serves her well.

Peace out (and in)!




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