Peace Out and In

Creating Peace Through Self-Reflection and Action

What I’m Doing Now

Online Reading: I read all Our Next Life‘s posts–yes, all the posts from day 1, January 30, 2015 to the present. I’m not usually one to go get an atta-girl, but I had to tell Tanja and she gave me a virtual metal!

Offline Reading: I just finished Robert Fritz’s Creating and am reading Made to Crave with a church group.

Podcast Listening: I am on episode 12 of Journey to Launch.

Work: I’m working full time; it’s week 3 of the semester. Woot!

The Blog: I’ve been slackin’.

Play: I’m on level 2101 of Cookie Jam and 577 of Cookie Jam Blast.

Visual Creativity: I’m knitting a scarf.

Peace Out!


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